Hop Field Day – Demo Hop Yard
Sep 28 all-day

Set up of Hop Demo Yard at Raising Nebraska Building, State Fair Park in Grand Island.

POST ON FACEBOOK – FIELD DAY – when we plant, 13th is a infrastructure day.

811 One Call, 2 weeks prior
Poles (2) – Menards 6×6
Earth Anchors and brace cable – Menards
Turnbuckles – Robison
Cable/wire clamps – Menards
Overhead cable or wire – Menards
Plants – Terry has Cascades in containers, he is unable to attend on the 13th. We will mark out for the plants and amend soil as needed for a later planting date when we will drop in his plants.

Spades, post hole digger, clam shells, ladders, mineral tubs to remove existing sod
Compost/soil, PAM?,
Drip tape? ECODRIP – Contact for potential tie into existing system for corn/bean demo