Father-Son duo Bill and Shad Rhynalds started thier hop yard in 2008 and harvested thier first crop in 2009, making them the oldest hop yard in Eastern Nebraska. Located in Prague, NE atop a hill…the farm has well-drained soil perfect for the production of their aromatic hops.

They have one acre of Cascade and Glacier hops with additional starter plots of Goldings, Willamette, and Sterling that will be sold to future hop growers.

After their first year’s harvest, Bill Rhynalds developed a hop stripper/harvester more efficient than the tedious and time-consuming task of hand harvesting. They manufactured several of these machines and sold them nationwide, slowly developing that side of the business.

Blue Blood Brewing uses the Rhynalds’ freshly harvested Cascades in the seasonal Skull Creek Fresh Hopped Pale Ale (which is also used in their Outlaw Series).

Offering free tours on weekends, Rhynalds Hop Growers welcomes you to come see their facility and enjoy the view of the beautiful “Bohemian Alps”

Author – Erin Miles | Perfect Pour Magazine